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I am a rookie blogger, but a longtime historian of science, with a cosmic and environmental consciousness. This blog will reflect this background. I take a long time to write even a short piece, and I recoil at the need to do anything much more technical than sharpening a pencil in preparation for writing. So blogging doesn’t come naturally. I intend, however, to use this blog to air out my ideas as I move forward on several bookish projects, both of which fit the blog theme. As I prepare to write any book or essay, I descend into a colloidal state, reading widely around the edges of whatever my topic is. I’m writing now about “space weather” and its journey from ho-hum science to something that worries FEMA and electronics users. So I have read recently about shortwave radio in the 1930s, the FCC, spy satellites, cell phones, and plasma physics. There is even a connection to mining  ca. 1948 with Runcorn, Blackett, and magnetometers down a British mine shaft. I will use this blog to explore these edges and, over time, the book will crystallize here.

The theme of GEOcosmoHISTORY then is to explore linkages among the Earth, the Cosmos, science, technology, environment, and humanity. Whether it was Humboldt or John Muir or  Patrick Blackett who said it, these are all linked, it’s just a short jump from one to another, …


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